What I like about India the most?


A.I Made image of Indiana old style of building from the 1800 time period I believe with grass in front of it plus stone walk way
  • History
  • Music
  • Medicine
  • People
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Food

India has a long and powerful history  for example a lot of people don't know in the West or Africa that Christian believes went to India way before anywhere else in the world for why Thomas is still a fairly common name in India since Thomas died in India and taught some Indians about  Jesus or other Christian things for example a lot of Christian Indian still exist even today.

A lot of things people may believe came from the West or other people often come from India a good example be Buddist a lot people think China invented that is false China stole the believe system from India but India invented the religion for why Hindus and Buddist like brother and sister religions which is why is why the karma idea is so common in both religions overall.

Ancient Greece medicine a lot of people don't know actually came from India the people called Tamil went to Greece who then taught them about medicine which they pretended they invented it to the other European people when in reality a lot of the ideas came from India as a whole.

The language the Tamil speak is the oldest language that is still used in the world which some people don't know they also live in the South of India they are known as the Brains of India since so many of them are very smart.
Wikipedia Indian Tamils of Sri Lanka

Tamils exist all around the world such she's in Sri Lanka and Google main guy behind it is a Tamil man as well and Apple has high ranking Tamil guy so the idea they are so intelligent is very true idea.

Greece invented fancy buildings right? No wrong geometry  was invented by India for why so many amazing buildings existed before Greece was even a proper united country and for why so many incredible old buildings exist around India.

Panda an Indian man created the first shipping containers or simple ones we see around the world used on ships or for other purposes as well.
Shows shipping contains coloured green and red and blue here

Music is something India is the overall best at to this can include class or modern or any other kind of music Bloodywood is a really good example of Panjabi singing in both English and Panjabi in songs even in the same songs some of the time they apply both traditional music or modern styles to there music such as when they play a flute in one of there songs that is really good example of traditional style of Indian music as a whole.

India has around 100 languages which include English,Urdu,Hindi,Panjabi,Tamil ,Anglo English among others meaning you can find music in basically unlimited styles such as if you even hate one language style you got so many other choices as a whole this can explain passion songs, romantic or any other kind such as metal is something Indians are very a talented at which includes all kinds of music in some ways you could argue they are like the master masterminds for a lot of what they create overall.


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