Indian Doctors

 Why are Indian Doctors normally the best in the world?

Indian Doctors performing Surgery

  • Very high Education level
  • Very hard workers
  • Have the oldest medical history in the world more less
  • Polite or kind

To become a Doctor in India requires a lot of hard work for example a lot of Doctors we consider are intelligent in the West would fail the exams in India which I have seen lots of data before of foreign people failing Indian medical exams.

Does that mean all foreign doctors are stupid or inconfident no but the standards from India is so much higher that most non Indians can't keep up.

A lot of Indians can speak between 5 to 20 languages as such that means they can often work in more less any country in the world by their language knowledge alone a lot of other people can at best speak there own native language.

Studying in school, college or university is taking super serious for example some of them wake up at like 5 am to exercise then start during as much as possible each part of the time meaning they may go to asleep at like 8 to 10 am from spending often like 10 or more hours per day studying as such many of them have amazing knowledge about medicine or other things a like .

A lot of people for education don't really study at all or much compared to the norm from India as such a lot of them will be less intelligent at the area they learn compared to the people from this part of Asia overall.

In the past I had Panjabi Doctor he was only like early 40 but he had  over 20 medical awards that alone is more than all the other Doctors in the hospital even if we add the other medical awards he still has more overall for why I liked a lot having him as Doctor compared to the less intelligent Western Doctors I had instead who would often have at best limit knowledge about someone being a diabetic at best.

A lot of people don't know but a decent amount of even ancient greek ideas came from India even some of the medicine we use in the West or other areas came from India such as if you go into history you can in some cases find out over 1000 years ago Indians created medical system or treatment we use today.

You get a joke which says no lazy people exist in Germany the same idea applies to India all the people I worked with online or in real life were hard workers and kind people.

Indians as a whole such as the Tamil have been using boats for like 1000 or more years in the past which means they had boats travel around the world when Europeans or Africans were still living sort of lik warrior lifestyle compared to the more educated or wise way of life overall.

Polite is a big part of how Doctors or general people act from this country for why so many doctors from this country are respected by patients or other medical people a like even family members I know being Doctors for 20 years or more will often credit Indians for being polite even in unpleasant cases where you get a super angry patient who gives cheeks to them for no reason they will stick to being a good  person .overall.


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